With 4 years experience as a Voiceover artist, Cameron is well equipped and can provide a great voiceover that matches your briefs and needs.  Whether it is for your commercial, presentation, or as a narrator for your story or documentary, Cameron can provide an engaging and warm dialogue  to suit.

Having a laptop and microphone does not automatically make it possible to record a professional grade voiceover if this is what you are looking for. The computer fan, hard disk noise, and the electrical noise or “hiss” from the cable, as well as plugging direct into a computer, immediately degrades the sound quality regardless of the quality of your microphone. The sound card built into most personal computers are not designed for this nature of work. The room in which you record in also plays a big part in the overall sound.

If you have ever recorded your own voice in a studio, you will know that every little detail in the way you talk as well as every lip smack and breath is picked up and sent straight back to your headphones. The ability to talk does not unfortunately make everyone eligible to become a voiceover artist.  It is however a necessary pre-requisite…

At the studio a high end interface and top quality microphone is used with a dedicated treated control room and vocal booth to give the cleanest sounding signal and voiceover to deliver a professional broadcast quality file.

In order to deliver a great voiceover, good communication with the client as well as a performance to match the brief is necessary.

To achieve this:

Multiple takes are carried out for each section/paragraph before creating a flowing composite that matches the tone that the client is seeking. From there, the voiceover is then EQ’d, with removal of any breath noises, sibilance and white noise, before further audio mastering enhancement and limiting is added. Both Pro Tools and Logic Pro are used as well as a variety of high-end plugins by Waves and Native Instruments to achieve this.

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