Recent commercial/TV sound work

Behind-the-scenes promo video for the play “The Waiting Room”:  Videographer, sound, music, artwork, edit. All equipment including; camera, lighting, audio, post.. provided in-house

Carlsberg: Location Sound (All Episodes)

Sunweb: Location Sound (run ‘n gun)

Rec Watches: Location Sound, Voiceovers

Winefamly TV2 set of 4 x commercials: Post-production sound including audio restoration, Foley, Sound Design, levels and Mastering for TV using compliant to the EBU-R128 standard

Meny Christmas campaign: Location sound for 4 x different festive meals

Telmore S6 Edge advert: On-set sound/mixing, audio post-production, voiceover recording (@ Align Romance)

Telmore: On-set sound/mixing

Telmore S6 Edge advert: On-set sound/mixing – Fight Through: (On-set sound)

Westeye: Composition & Sound Design

Fødvarestyrelsen (Danish food authority): Composition

Swiss 360: Composition

Iffley Road: Voiceover, Composition, Sound Design

Modern recreation of an 8-bit computer game track for a TV documentary:

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