Game/app music & sound design

Working examples of original music and SFX:

Game music composition
With the boom in “app culture” becoming more and more prevalent in todays society, so too is the need for associated complimentary music. Taking an increasingly larger percentage of the work carried out at the studio, Align Romance is well equipped to deal with a wide variety of styles for games and apps. Creating music for games is no different to music for an advert or product, but it is in the smaller details where different things might be required. For games and especially endless runners, quite frequently it is required that the song needs to loop and to appear seamless. This is straightforward and can easily be implemented. Being a kid who grew up around arcade machines, Cameron also knows only too well the retro sounds of chiptune music from that time, and this is his speciality in this field.

Recent composition and SFX for forthcoming Android app “Freefall”

Modern recreation of an 8-bit computer game track for a TV documentary:

Sound Design
Having been introduced to the art of sound design through his compositional work on a number of short films as well as a couple of cinematic releases, Cameron has gained 6 years experience from working with some of the top designers around. Now creating his own bespoke FX for projects, he uses his knowledge of various software processes, synthesis, field recordings as well as his 60gb library of previously recorded material to complement every need.

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