Align Romance is run by Cameron Jean-Laing who is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Scotland.

Having finished his degree in Electronics in 2002, Cameron decamped to London to study music at the Academy of Contemporary Music where he started to expand his network in the music industry. Before finishing his course he had already courted the attention of some high profile management in the form of Jeremy Pearce (Manager, Ex CEO Sony, V2) and Jackie Davidson (Songwriting manager). In little over a year he had gained a publishing and management deal.
Through his deals, he started writing and recording with some of the biggest pop writers in the game. These included Wayne Hector (Westlife, JLS, Jessie J), Steve Mac (Westlife, Jessie J), Steve Robson (One Direction, Christina Aguilera, Rascal Flatts) among others. Due to his heavy workload, Cameron permanently relocated to London where he also started writing and recording directly with artists on the major labels rosters, as well as playing various instruments in the studio and on the road.
As his network grew, he set up his own studio from home so artists and writers could come direct to him. This proved beneficial and his production skills started to get commissions on top of his playing and songwriting skills. By the end of 2007 he had had a cut on Belgiums highest selling female artist; Natalia, with the track “Appetite for Love”. This album went double platinum and enhanced his presence in the music industry. The end of the same year culminated in a number of dates opening for Take That on their comeback arena tour playing for a new artist.
The last few years have seen him record for Gary Go (Polydor) and Javine (Island records Eurovision entrant) amongst others. He has played and wrote on a number of cinema released film scores and over the last 5 years he has been regularly working with an artist on Jay Z’s Roc Nation label; the “Gangster Roc” artist Hugo, as a writer and performer in his backing band. At the end of 2012 he worked on the second album with Hugo in Thailand at Karma Sound Studios with Dave McCracken (Ian Brown, The Big Pink, Oh Land). This album is slated for release early 2015.

Not only does Cameron work in the music industry, his skills are regularly called upon for many other commissions where his studio is used to create compositions, or finalise work for TV and Radio adverts, as well as high profile corporate presentations.

Cameron’s work is his passion and he is meticulous in what he does. When not working for other clients, he records and releases his own music through the Align Romance label which gets licensed for various platforms and regularly receives airplay on stations around the world. He is an analogue lover and although primarily operating in digital at the heart, he collects and uses analogue equipment where possible to help give that warmth and soul that digital equipment struggles to emulate.

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